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Inflation has been a major concern for everyone over the past few years. Supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and corporate greed are all factors that have caused abnormally high inflation in almost all industries.

While the rest of the world still struggles with high inflation, the US has managed to bring it down to a more desirable level. I am hoping to continue smart policy that is proactive and not reactive.

International Trade

With thousands of miles of coastal and international boundaries, Texas is a major center of international trade. Bad foreign policy can hurt our relationships with our trading partners, as well as hurt Americans financially.

Donald Trump’s trade war with China cost Americans $80 billion in new taxes. Governor Abbott cost Texas billions in lost revenue because of his border stunts. These xenophobic policies don’t help anyone. Good trade policy requires treating your trading partners with respect.


 Quality Education for All

Of all 50 states, Texas ranks 49th in high school graduation rate with 84.4%. This is not a good look for Texas. With the recent takeover of HISD, Governor Abbott’s relentless push for vouchers, and the recent major cut in property taxes used for funding schools, it seems as though Texas Republicans want public education to fail.

Improper funding of public education is a major factor in the school to prison pipeline. Education is a tool that when used improperly, perpetuates systemic oppression against targeted groups. Instead of banning books and classes that teach about culture, we should be focusing on the future while learning from the past.

Affordable Tuition

Students who wish to acquire advanced degrees should not be punished with a lifetime of debt. Going to college should be an option for all who wish to learn, and not a privilege for only the wealthy.

As other developed nations such as Germany and Norway provide tuition-free education to their residents, many brilliant American minds are priced out of the education they deserve. We need to make quality education more affordable and accessible so everyone can prosper.


Defend Democracy

Democracy is under attack in this country, and especially in Texas. Our voter turnout ranked 44 out of 50 states in 2020 with only a 60% turnout. Since then, Republicans have made baseless claims about election fraud but have been unable to prove it.

As an election worker, I have been on the front lines of defending democracy. We need to make mail-in voting easier, continue to allow county-wide voting, have more accessible polling locations, and keep polling locations safe and fully stocked with the resources they need.


Renewable Energy

Texas prides itself on being the energy capital of the United States. If we want to retain that title, we need to embrace renewable energy innovation.

The petroleum industry will always be an integral part of the Texas economy, but we will be left behind if we do not keep up with advances in energy. Using renewables in conjunction with fossil fuels will help keep our grid from failing while mitigating negative environmental impacts.

Flood Mitigation

As Harris County continues to develop and grow, the risk of flood damage increases. We need responsible and consistent approaches to land development and water retention. We shouldn’t have to make the decision to flood one community to save others.

Foreign Affairs

Russia-Ukraine War

Russia launched a wide scale, unprovoked attack on Ukraine without justification. Ukraine is an American trade partner, and Russia presents a direct threat to America. America should continue to support Ukraine by sending old military equipment while avoiding a scenario that would require “boots on the ground.” Russia can not be allowed to win this invasion.

Israel-Gaza Conflict

Israel is America’s ally, and they have a right to defend themselves from foreign attacks. Their response should be proportionate, and their leadership should be held accountable for any war crimes committed. The people of both Israel and Gaza deserve peace, and the “Two State Solution” from the Oslo Accords should be honored by both countries.


Social Justice

A nation that prides itself on “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” should be tolerant of all backgrounds and lifestyles as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. Unfortunately, racism still exists in America, and accounts for the majority of hate crimes.

Injustice against the LGBTQ+ community continues to plague our institutions as extremists push policies that reverse decades of progress. People are people, and we all deserve a chance at happiness.

Divisive rhetoric from extremists only tear us apart. Together, we must stand, and realize we have more in common that what divides us.

Criminal Justice

A true democracy should not have a two-tiered justice system where the rich and powerful are treated differently than the middle and lower classes. From politicians to police officers, all authority figures should follow the laws that taxpayers pay them to enforce.

Texas has more prisoners than any other state with an incarceration rate of 443 inmates per 100k people (national average is 350 per 100k). Yet the top legal official in Texas has been under felony indictment for eight years and has not set foot in court. This does not demonstrate equality or justice.

Gun Safety

Protect Our Children

With gun violence being the number one cause of death among kids aged 1 to 18, something must be done to protect our children.

There is nothing more “pro-life” than common sense gun laws. Gun safety at home is more important than anywhere else, and all gun owners should be responsible with their firearms.

Stop the Mass Shootings

Since Abbott has become Governor, Texas has had more mass shootings than any other state. By enabling “Constitutional Carry,” Texas is more dangerous than it has been in decades.

“Thoughts and prayers” clearly aren’t enough. Banning guns is not a practical solution, but neither is doing nothing. We need to have a conversation on how to move forward as a safer nation that still respects the Second Amendment. We need to promote more gun safety and address the mental health crisis that affects our nation.


Women’s Health

Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that states can ban abortion, Texas has become a dangerous place for women. 50% of Texas counties do not have a women’s health provider. Infant mortality increased by 11% since the ban went into effect. This is not “pro-life,” this is “pro-forced birth.” Women deserve the right to bodily autonomy, and their healthcare decisions should be made privately with a physician.

Between April and December 2021, Texas had an increase in 9,800 births. Only time will tell how the increase in births will affect our foster care system, education system, crime rate, and welfare budget.


Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the country with 18% uninsured residents (national average is 7.9% uninsured). In the US, medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy.

Expanding Medicaid is a cost-effective way to help Texans get access to quality healthcare. Governor Abbott refused to expand Medicaid when given the chance, which denied an estimated $100 billion in additional federal funding for healthcare. We should expand Medicaid and make Texas a state where getting sick won’t ruin your life.


Border Control

The United States is a country founded by immigrants, and our diversity is one of our strengths. However, the situation at the border has gotten out of hand. Instead of wasting taxpayer money on ineffective barriers, we should be streamlining the immigration process. Long immigration backlogs increase the chances of illegal immigration.

Going to the Source

While we need to address the immigration issues at our own border, we also need to help fix the root causes of illegal immigration. Decades of foreign intervention in Latin American countries have contributed to instability in the region. We can’t make a mess in a foreign nation and then complain when their people show up at our door. Foreign and domestic corruption need to be removed, and democracy and justice must be fostered.