We have more in common
than what divides us

Hurricane Beryl Emergency Information

Residents of Harris County are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Beryl and too many still have no power. Here are some resources for those still struggling with the aftermath of Beryl:
CenterPoint 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143
Crisis Help 2-1-1 for immediate assistance
Crisis (Help line) Cleanup 979-217-3791

Upcoming Election Information

Last Day to Register to Vote: October 7

Early Voting: October 21 – November 1

Last Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail: October 25

Last Day to Receive Ballot by Mail: November 5

Election Day: November 5

Extremism is tearing America apart, and we desperately need a return to normalcy in Washington DC. As the only candidate who actually lives in Congressional District 38, I can give the people of CD38 the proper representation they deserve.

If we all just talked to each other, we would discover how much we all still have in common. Extremists don’t talk, they shout. They don’t want to listen, and they don’t want all voices to be heard.

So let’s have a discussion. Tell me where you stand on these issues, and I will do my best to represent you. Here’s what I have heard from you:


  • Save Social Security
  • Improve foreign relations


  • Properly fund public education
  • Make tuition more affordable


  • Defend democracy
  • Make voting easier for everyone


  • Embrace renewable energy innovation
  • Proper flood mitigation


  • Protect marginalized communities
  • Invest in affordable housing

Gun Safety

  • Responsible gun ownership
  • Prevent more mass shootings


  • Give women control of their own bodies
  • Universal healthcare (Medicare for All)


  • More effective border management
  • Address root causes of immigration

If you would like to read more about where I stand, please take a look at my Platform page.

Become a Volunteer!

Melissa Volunteers

Turning District 38 blue is going to require a lot of hard work, and I can’t do it alone! If you have a passion for democracy and making change for the better, I encourage you to join our team by filling out our volunteer signup form.

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About Melissa

Melissa McDonough has been a resident of Harris County for nearly three decades. She is a mother, a successful businesswoman, and a community organizer. Learn more about her on bio page.

About CD 38

Congressional District 38 is the newest district in Texas. It includes 8 school districts and makes up over 16% of the population of Harris County. Learn more about CD 38 on the About CD 38 page.

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